1Beginner Yoga: This class provides a safe, slow and easy introduction to the basics of the yoga practice. We will cover the basics of breathing (pranayama), yoga postures (asana) and meditation. Designed for the brand new student or for those that are re-entering their yoga practice.




2Mixed Level Yoga: A level 1 class which builds on your foundation of the basic postures, increasing stamina, flexibility, strength, and mindfulness. This class will include basic vinyasa sequences, linking breath and movement. Designed to improve circulation and promote healing.




3Gentle: Suited for all levels from those new to yoga, have temporary or chronic physical limitations, or who just want a less vigorous class. Slow down the mind and body through breathwork, gentle stretches. movements, and deep relaxation. Designed to increase awareness, strength, flexibility and focus.




4Yin/Yang: Emphasizes breathing and passive holding of poses for longer periods to enhance chi and its movement through the meridians (channels) and chakras. The Yin aspect (Taoist yoga tradition) will be the main focus, which targets the joints and connective tissue of the back, hips and pelvis. The necessary complement to a yang practice which may or may not be explored. For beginners to athletes.



5Mindful Flow: A physical Hatha class that allows your mind, body and spirit to move more freely by focusing on pranayama, asana, alignment and meditation in a flow inspired class. The combination of breath, movement and alignment builds heat in the body releasing stress, tension, and toxicity and increases strength and flexibility. Prior yoga experience is recommended




6Restorative: Restorative Yoga is a series of poses, which are supported through the use of bolsters, blankets, and pillows. The body can be held in each pose without having to exert any effort, creating a deeply healing and meditative experience. This class opens the body’s energy channels to stimulate, soothe and relieve the effects of chronic stress. Therapeutic and relaxing experiences that will leave you in complete bliss.



7Pre Natal: In this class poses are specifically tailored for the ever-changing pregnant body. Modified, but effective poses combined with light breathwork designed to strengthen the body, increase stamina, aid with heightened mental alertness in addition to offering relaxation techniques. For all student levels.





8Pranayama and Meditation: A short sequence of breathing practices to awaken and focus your mind. Followed by a guided meditation, accessible to beginning as well as experienced meditators.